About Kiddo-koa

Kiddo-koa (designed by Rose and Bow) was born from an absolute love of crafting. Maritsa has always been a creative person with a love for craft and an eye for making a vision come to life. Her vision is to share the joy of crafting and learning through her creations.

Maritsa's dream began with many ideas, and trying all forms of crafting she could get her hands on. She made the decision to leave her full-time employment, with the support of her husband. Pursuing her dreams of having her own business that brings joy into her life has not been the easiest journey, but designing these products for young minds to learn from and enjoy has been a labour of love. She is loving every moment of the process and her husband gets to join in too.

Maritsa is committed to creating products that are fun, simplistic and practical. Knowing that you made something that can be used for a practical purpose or special occasion, additionally making beautiful memories, being environmentally friendly, and looking beautiful; who wouldn’t want to get involved in that?

She can always be found searching for new ideas, trying and testing products. It’s a process of trial and error. Sometimes you dream something up and it doesn’t turn out how you planned it, and that is fine. Maritsa understands that developing a quality product that she would be proud to sell can take a significant investment of her time, and customer satisfaction will always be her top priority.

All Kiddo-koa products are made from sustainably sourced materials.

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