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Mini Decor Sets

Mini Decor Sets


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Do you love the idea of creating a beautiful space for your children to play and live in?  We have taken extra care in designing custom wall art and decor pieces for your little one's room or a newborn's nursery that will bring joy and big bright smiles to their little faces.

Create a space where they can express their creativity and playfulness. You can choose your own selection of decor.

With various pieces of natural wood art, this will bring their love for nature, animals, dinosaurs, butterflies, and many more to life in their own room.

When we say you create your own design, we really mean you can create your own design.  Once you have purchased your decor pack, you can get creative and involve your little ones in decorating their own rooms.

Create one big mural with your chosen items or use them to bring fun elements to the entire room. You can also get your little ones to paint the pieces themselves, adding that special touch and creating fond memories.

The wall art decor pieces are made from birch plywood and are very lightweight, which means you can stick them to the wall with double-sided tape or glue dots and move them around or take them with you when you move. The possibilities are endless. All you need to do is have fun and express your creativity.

Mini Hot Air Balloon Set - This set includes an engraved hot air balloon (25cm High / 19cm wide) and two birds (1: 9cm high x 11cm wide / 2: 7cm high x wide).

Mini Rainbow Set - This set includes a large rainbow cut-out with hearts (22cm x 22cm, including the hearts).

The Mini Dino Set - This set includes a dinosaur cut-out (19cm h x 34cm w) with a set of dinosaur feet (10cm h x 8cm w).

The Mini Fossil Set - This set includes a dinosaur scull cut-out (19cm h x 30cm w) and a set of dinosaur feet (10cm h x 8cm w).

Mini Dolphin Set - This set includes 1 x Dolphin cut-out and 2 x seagull cut-outs (1: 15cm x 10cm / 2: 9cm x 6cm).

Mini Sailboat Set - This set includes a sailboat cut-out (18cm x 18cm) and two birds (1: 11cm x 6cm / 2: 9cm x 6cm).

Mini Butterfly Set - This set includes a collection of 30 butterflies ranging in size. The largest one being 13cm x 11cm to the smallest, 2cm x 2cm.

Mini Flower Set - This set includes a large butterfly cut-out (27cm x 27cm) and three flower cut-outs:
-Flower 1 (15cm x 15cm)
-Flower 2 (13cm x 13cm)
-Flower 3 (9cm x 9cm)
The middle sections of the flowers will have a white wash on them.

Space Cowboy Mini Set - This set includes an engraved and cut-out image of an astronaut and a planet (20cm high x 36cm wide) with 4 stars (biggest 4cm x 4cm ; smallest 1.8cm x 1.8cm) and a moon (17cm x 16cm).

Moonlight Mini Set - This set includes a moon (17cm high x 13cm wide) and 6 star cut-outs (biggest 4cmx4cm ; smallest 1.8cm x 1.8cm) with a space ship (19cm high x 30cm wide).

Captain Sully Mini Set - This set includes an aeroplane cut-out (14cm h x 38cm w) and a cloud (7cm h x 19cm w).

Flying High Mini Set - This set includes an aeroplane cut-out (12cm h x 46cm w) and a set of 3 birds (biggest 12cm w x 3cm h) / (smallest 9cm w x 2cm h).

Custom order

Talk to us about custom orders.

How we make it

All our products are designed and handmade in New Zealand by Rose and Bow. All edges have a dark brown appearance because they are laser-cut.

The natural wood grain and direction may differ from the product photos. Our products are made from sustainably sourced Birch plywood (with poplar core).

Shipping and Returns


Our products are made to order, so please allow us 5 - 7 business days to make and process your order. We will ship your order to you only after this process has been fulfilled.


All our products are lovingly and carefully handmade, and some are custom-made, therefore, due to the product nature, we do not accept returns or exchanges at this time.

If you have an inquiry, please Email us:

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