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All About Our Milestone Sets

Maple Milestone Set

How do I choose a milestone set which is right for me?

We can help you with that by offering 18 of our lovingly designed options.  Each milestone set (except for Ellie) is made up of 15 discs (100mm diameter) which are laser-cut and laser-engraved.  The discs are made from Birch plywood.

Are you expecting a boy or a girl?

Raven Milestone Set

This should be the starting point when deciding which style to consider.  Each set features different fonts, colours (our paint is non-toxic), engraving, separately applied text or numbers, or all of the above.

Snow White Milestone Set

Consider how or where you'll be displaying this keepsake.  You can celebrate each precious milestone moment with your little one by displaying the discs in your home, their nursery, ideal to use in newborn baby photography sessions, perfect for capturing the first year of your baby's life.

Alpine Milestone Set

Keeping all of this in mind, would you want to see these discs in bold and saturated colour, subtle pastels, engraved or separately applied text and numbers, or simply the natural wood colour?  The various options create a different mood.  After giving this some thought, we are confident that one of the sets will stand out to you.  

Ocean Milestone Set   

What's displayed on each disc?

One Week, Two Weeks, Three Weeks, One Month, Two Months, Three Months, Four Months, Five Months, Six Months, Seven Months, Eight Months, Nine Months, Ten Months, Eleven Months, One Year Old.

The Ellie set is obviously very different.  It features a dark brown coloured elephant and the natural colour Birch plywood heart shape milestones with cut-out numbers and text.  We did experiment with various colour combinations but the more natural colours produced the best results.

Ellie Milestone Set

The bow is not attached so you can glue it anywhere you like.  It can either be a bow tie for a boy or a bow for a girl.

Heart size:  Width: 103mm  Height: 90mm

Elephant size:  Width: 245mm  Height: 176mm

Do you have a favourite milestone set?


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